Radically Authentic Multigrain Sandwich

The sky is a peculiar bucket of rose and pink. Inside the airport, I am drinking a coffee. In my hand, then my mouth, is a bacon, avocado, multigrain sandwich.

A seagull flaps it’s wings over the terminal gate. Where is it going? I ask myself, as a splash of coffee trickles out from my insecure coffee lid and onto my bull’s eye of a lap. 

Is this… radically authentic? What does that even mean, radically authentic?

I take another sip of coffee. 

It sounds like something a kale drinking, yoga class attending, Californian transplant therapist would say. She would sit in the chair and look at you, and then, in a deadpan voice, ask if you are living ‘your’ radically authentic life.

To be fair, I suppose this is a question that I do consider a lot. And while I do not regularly drink kale, attend yoga class, or see a therapist, I can certainly see the benefits.

However, asking that question is an easy way to trip yourself up. People like to confuse words like radical and authenticity with ‘chasing your big dreams’. Like, you are not living a radically authentic life unless you are writing fiction in a cabin or trying to make it on the local music scene.

You got to chase your dreams, man. 

That’s bullshit. That’s the kind of thing hollywood uses to make good box office numbers.

Living radically authentic lives is more of a mindset then a particular career or industry. It is going into a meeting, personal or professional, without any ulterior motives. It is making time to ride your bicycle on Sunday afternoon.

Perhaps the best definition could be boiled down to knowing when to say “yes”, and knowing when to say “no”.

I can say “no”. That, is radically authentic. (At least to me… anyways).

I can say “yes”.

That is radically authentic. In the real world we could also say it’s honest. No one is making you do anything. God knows life isn’t easy. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that you can make decisions.

Making decisions based on what you know to be true, regardless of what other people say, is true authenticity. Everything else is just fancy… marketing mumbo jumbo.

*sips coffee*
*changes youtube channel*

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