Sunday Morning Calisthenics

I like it when the sun shines through my window on Sunday mornings and wakes me up. It’s like when I was younger and my mom used to pester me. Now instead of ignoring my mom’s cries I just roll over and bury my face deep into my blankets so that I can go back to sleep.

Eventually I get up. Then I do 15 minutes of calisthenics before meditating. I find that’s a good way to ease into my day.

After that I make a large pot of coffee. I drink cups of it and avoid looking at my phone while I lay against a pillow and smash away at the keys. Hopefully someday I will say something worthwhile.

Eventually I can no longer survive on apples and bananas and, like a bear emerging from its hibernation cave, I go in search of solid food. Normally I am so hyped up on caffeine that it reminds me of different times, when I couldn’t fall asleep at night.

I used to live for Saturday nights. To me, there was nothing more important than getting fucked up and going to extravagant parties. I guess I still think that way sometimes but lately I have mellowed out in that department.

Now that I don’t drink or do drugs I find that Sunday mornings are much better than the night which comes before. It is a peaceful time and I would play jazz if I wasn’t so into electronic music right now. It reminds me of when I was just a little kid and my mom used to make chocolate chip pancakes while I watched cartoons. 

Now, time spent on things besides reading and writing is mostly reserved for administrative matters. Banking, grocery shopping, cleaning, stuff like that. Maybe this is what being a grown up feels like. I’m not sure.

Today I called the plumber and had him reseal the toilet in the bathroom. Apparently when they built the place back in 2013 they decided that speed was more important than functionality. Go figure.

There is a special place in hell reserved for those that only half seal toilet seats to the ground.

My days are simple now but that’s OK. Last night I cut a pumpkin with a friend (Carving Pumpkins). Today I got a candle for it. I tried to buy it but the shop keeper didn’t have any in stock. His wife found one and gave it to me for free. Go figure.

If I squint my eyes hard enough, it’s almost like I am back home on a dark and gloomy road in New Hampshire.

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