Electric Red Characters

A cold and blustery day in November. I spent the whole day inside alone. That is, except for a run outside. 

I was writing. And I was reading. I cooked some breakfast. I tried to not look at my phone. 

It has been a couple of days since I wrote in here. The reason is that I have been working on a more substantial piece. I hope that everyone should like it when it comes time to press publish. 

The city is nice this time of year. Last night we went to a Sichuan restaurant near the fourth ring road in Wudaokou. We ate small, bit sized pieces of river fish that were topped with a layer of fat and mixed in between scarlet red chilies. We drank sweet pear juice to dull the spice. 

Then we bought Ju Ju bean cakes. They are so popular that we had to stand in line for over an hour just to buy a plastic bag full. 

After we road our bicycles through Tsinghua’s campus. The yellow lights along the pathway illuminated just enough for us to cruise safely through to the center. There we saw the main administrative building, a relic of soviet architecture and reminder of just how hard the hand of ideology can come down. It stood silently in the night as we whizzed by on our pedal bikes. 

Now it’s Sunday and the sky is black again. I’m not at the Sichuan restaurant, but at home, smashing my fingers against the keys. Spinning a yarn again. I’m drinking coffee in a large white ceramic mug the same color of the sky. 

It’s hazy outside, beyond my glass paned windows. But I can still see the electric red characters on the top of a building a great distance away. 

Another sip of coffee and another thought about the future. I wonder what this winter will bring. Joy, sadness, or perhaps just the dry ambiguity of another year passed by.

This is the way that I think on Sundays. A sort of disconnected malaise. Its like a drug that I am allowed to take and I enjoy it. It helps me keep everything in perspective. 

Tomorrow I will be sitting at my desk up in the industrial park and writing stories about characters in a fictional world. I will have my big, noise cancelling earphones on while I work. The kind that let me tune everything out. But tonight I don’t have to worry about that because I am not at work. I am not very much on this planet at all.

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