Beijing Countryside Cools My Mind

I spent the weekend in Huairou, or at least very close to it. It was nice to get out of the city.

Beijing is big. It’s a little scary. It sprawls out like the arms of an octopus and if you drive for an hour in any which direction you still couldn’t get out.

I’m not a city person. That’s OK. Maybe it’s just that I miss the ocean and all of that. I don’t know. Sometimes I think that my generation is actually going to move away from the urban centers of the world. Maybe that’s just a hipster thing.

If being hipster means that I can live in a more relaxing place, with a healthier lifestyle, then I want to be a hipster.

I’m tired now after a long Monday, but I wanted to write in here. Just another stream of consciousness post.

My China life has been getting a lot better recently. I think there is a correlation between taking myself less seriously and returning to my Chinese study schedule.

What I mean is that I have the tendency to want to do everything. I think that I need to be doing everything all the time, all at once. But in practice that is not realistic. And it makes me upset.

I didn’t want to study Chinese because in my “plans”, I figured an HSK 4 certification was enough. I thought my time would be better spent on the transition back to America or to another country which I hope to go to someday. But in reality, all that led to was being disconnected from my current situation and the opportunities available to me here.

Studying Chinese is great for me because 1- I love studying languages. (Some people are just like that). And 2- it helps me to connect with the country I am living in.

Once I conceded that I really don’t know what I will use it for in the future, what any of this means anyways, I found it a lot easier to sit down and put pen to paper.

Writing characters for me is in many ways therapeutic. I think it’s because I liked to draw a lot when I was a kid. Lately I have been coming home, burning some incense, brewing up a little tea, playing some dope music, and writing characters.

We all got our rituals.

Having said all that, I still regard writing pros as my number one passion. It’s kind of what I love most. But a writer needs more than just writing. What would he write about without different interests.

So now I am sitting at home on my couch. I am fading into the night. I think back to this weekend when I stayed in the countryside of Beijing. I ate a lot of food and saw some nice cats. I got out of the city.

I don’t always need to leave the city to escape, but sometimes it really helps. Anyways, my Monday had a very positive start. I hope yours does too!





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