5 Reasons Why I Like Snow In Beijing

Just when I thought it was spring, boom! A day of snowflakes makes it’s way into my week. Wait a minute! I thought that I could put my winter jacket away… And what was that tangyuan article about earlier in the week?

I guess sometimes the lunar calendar is a bit misleading.

I wrote this as it was snowing outside of my office in Haidian (海淀). I even snapped a few pictures on my recently repaired iPhone 6 camera. 


Beijing gets snow only a couple of times a year. And while we never get much, it does have a way of creating quite the picturesque landscapes. I guess history and snow go very well together.

Here are five reasons snow is a welcome distraction in Beijing.

1. Clear Skies

Snow means that it’s not polluted. As Beijing is often above 500 PM 2.5, especially in the winter from coal factories, this is a good thing. 

2. Reminds me of Home

Back home in New Hampshire we get quite a bit of snow. When it snows in Beijing it reminds me of all those moments spent looking out the window and delaying putting on my snow gear to go out and shovel the driveway. Except for here there is no driveway.

3. It’s cozy

Snow covers up everything and muffles all the noise. In this way it has a sense of insulating us from the world outside. Snowfall in Beijing is a good excuse to relax at home and curl up on the couch to watch a movie or read a book.

4. Timeless

Particularly in Beijing, snow is timeless. There is nothing quite like pictures of the Forbidden City (故宫) or Summer Palace (颐和园) covered in snow. It seems there is something about snow on historical objects that enhances their timelessness. 

5. Public Transportation

In America, snowfall normally means slowing down traffic and staying put. While that is true in Beijing to a certain extent, snow doesn’t stop an underground subway from moving. In Beijing, a city with a modern and developing rail system, you can get around quite easily while still enjoying the scenery.

It doesn’t snow often here, so when it does it is worth remembering. These are a few of the reasons why I enjoy the snow in Beijing!

Do you enjoy the snow? I bet a lot of readers enjoy it for the same reasons as me even though they don’t live in Beijing, or even China for that matter.

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