18 Lines and 345 Stations

As of today, Beijing’s metro has…

  1. 18 lines and 345 stations.
  2. 9.98 million people per day ridership (average).
  3. 574 km (357 mi) of track in operation.

In the future, Beijing’s metro will have…

  1. 24 subway lines.
  2. 18.5 million people per day ridership (average).
  3. The potential to be the longest fully automated subway network in the world.


A metro system says a lot about its city.

I used to live in Budapest, Hungary. They have one of the oldest metro systems in the world. It was quite elegant.

American metros are old and rusty. But they work and that’s enough.

Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou… they all have shiny, new metros. Great steel monsters. They are packed full of Chinese every morning and every night.

White collar workers playing on phones during the morning commute.

Migrant workers sitting on plastic chairs and laughing together.

Children in uniforms reading their books.

They are symbols of China’s economic miracle.

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