Running, running, running. After this, that, and the other thing. I want my fast-food-McDonald’s-double-quarter-pounder-dream today. Now. I also want the plastic toy, please.

And after I get it, I want a vanilla-ice-cream-super-seven-eleven-slurpee-sugar-rush-city. And the buy one get one free deal.

Today. Now. Faster.

This type of thinking can drive us up and over the wall. ‘Cause us to break down and leave everything behind… because we cannot accept  a reality in which things don’t happen at the pace of our minds.

But what happens when we realize that anything worth something got that way because of a long term investment of time, focus, and effort?

What happens when we realize that the “good things” are on their way… but they’re taking the back roads and stopping all the time to take photos?


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