Fast Is Slow but Without Interruptions

“Fast is slow but without interruptions.” I was riding my scooter into work today when this quote came to mind. It is a good one and encapsulates much of what I believe today.

I came upon this proverb for the first time in my early twenties. I had just moved to Beijing and a lot of things felt wrong. I was a “tortured youth” and got a kick out of feeling sorry for myself. Everyone seemed to have it better than me.

Proverbs, taken out of context, have the risk of coming off as platitudes or misconstrued biblical snippets. But this one was different. I could instantly see the connection between it’s wisdom and the people who were leading lives around me that I looked up to.

These people, whether they knew it or not, embodied the proverb’s spirit. They had a vision. They had taken small, incremental steps towards the actualization of their visions. And they had persevered through life’s often painfully slow moments in spite of themselves and others.

I felt so disappointed. Like I had ruined everything. But that’s when I realized that it wasn’t too late to start living my life this way. It’s never too late.


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